Single-row tapered roller bearings - SKET & SXYZ Bearing

SKET is specialized in manufacturing single-row tapered roller bearings with high performance at competitive prices.

The single-row tapered roller bearing is the most commonly and widely used bearing type. It includes the cup and the cone assembly which contains the inner ring, rollers and the cage. The cup can be separated with the cone assembly. The single-row tapered roller bearing is usually mounted back to back by pair. According to the ISO standard, any one cup or cone assembly of the bearing can be exchanged internationally by another same model part. That is to say, not only the dimensions and tolerance of the same models’ cup should meet the ISO492 (GB307) standard, but also the cone angle should accord with the related technical standard.

The cup raceway cone angle of the single-row tapered roller bearing usually is 10°~19° and can support the axial load and radial load. The larger cone angle, the larger axial load capacity. The large cone angle bearing that post code plus B, cone angle is 25 ° ~ 29 ° , can bear larger axial load. Besides, the clearance can be adjusted during installation of the single-row tapered roller bearing.


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