Agricultural Bearings Pressed Stamping Housing Manufacturer and Supplier

SKET is a professional agricultural bearing manufacturer and supplier in China.

SKET agricultural bearings including round bore, square bore and hex bore bearings; Pressed & Stamping Housing and Flanged Disc Unit.

SKET Square Bore Agricultural Bearing

39602F/33, 39602F/41, 39602F/29, 39602F/41-33

W208PP5, W208PPB5, GW208PPB5, W208PP6, W208PPB6, GW208PPB6, W208PP8, W208PPB8, GW208PPB8, W208PPB9, W208PP11, W208PPB13, GW208PP17, GW208PPB17

W209PP5, W209PPB5, GW209PPB5, W209PP6

W210PPB4, GW210PPB4, GW210PPB6

W211PP3, GW211PP3, W211PPB3, GW211PPB3, W211PP5, GW211PPB6, GW211PP17, GW211PPB17


SKET Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing:

204KRR2, 205KRR2, 205KRRB2, 206KRR6, 206KRRB6, 207KRR9, 207KRRB9, 207KRR12, 207KRRB12, W208PPB16, 209KRRB2

The SKET agricultural bearing has a special sealed structure, so it can be used in the serious pollution applications.

The hex bore agricultural bearings are used in applications where any locking devices are not required. Also available re-lubricate – prefix "G".

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