Purchasing agent from China

 SKET is a professional tapered roller bearing and deep groove ball bearing manufacturer. Our factory locates in Linqing city which is one of the biggest bearing distribution centers in China. If you are buying bearings from China, we are glad to act as your purchasing agent. Depending on our around rich bearings productive resources, we can introduce all types bearings manufacturers for you.


Our services:

1. Purchasing Agent:

Introduce the right bearing manufacturers for you, help you to collect China bearing factories from whom you import directly.

2. Factory Visit:

We can visit the factories and collect samples for you from different factories.

3. Study the lowest price level in China market and help you to cut the prices

4. Products Quality & Goods Loading Inspection:

Check goods quantity and quality before shipping. Also I can help you to make claim, to smooth all legal matters with China companies.

5. Accompany you to visit the suppliers and exhibitions

6. Other FREE personal affairs services:

Book hotel, transportation guide and telephone translation etc.

7. Do all other required jobs, just as you have an office here


Contact Email: sales@sketbearing.com